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Glamglow Masking Set

It is summer and the time to put extra sunscreen on! Also, it is fasting season here in Abu Dhabi courtesy the Holy month of Ramadan. Hence, makeup has been on a minimum. What has been on a maximum, are masks. Specifically masks which brighten, clean, firm and so on. And since Glamglow masks are… Continue reading Glamglow Masking Set

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Wei, my pimples are gone!

I am back to being "punny" if you have noticed, and if it was an eyesore - sorry, I just couldn't help it. I have had a massive adult acne breakout since few months and it just wouldn't clear up. I ended up ordering several masks and creams to combat it, but it would again start after… Continue reading Wei, my pimples are gone!

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Caudalie Maskamania!

Have you ever walked in Sephora in UAE recently and noticed they have really good mini selections near the till?? Is this new?? Because I have been watching the collection grow and include many good minis. I went there 2 weeks back and found miniatures of Caudalie's new masks. They recently launched a whole set of… Continue reading Caudalie Maskamania!