Avocado Beef Sorta Fajita Tacos

My husband likes food of all kinds. But since we were out Thursday, we were so tired and hungover, I didn’t want to cook anything heavy. Plus these Indian flatbread (chapati) wraps are tasty and not as drippy and messy and were a breeze to make!

On scouting the kitchen, I figured I could make this as easy as 15 minutes and yes, it was tasty and deelish. Here’s what you need to do:

Get some frozen beef burgers and put them on a hot skillet / girdle. Add a tiny bit of butter and flip after 4 minutes on each side. Continue till ready to taste. Set aside to rest.

Chop 1 small onion very fine, capsicum in long stripes which are not that thick. I used Green and Red peppers because they add colour- it’s your choice.

On the same skillet, after the burgers are done and resting, saute the capsicum and onion. Add a bit of taco spice or cajun spice. No need to add oil or butter. I did mine for 5 minutes.

Mash a ripe avocado, half a red onion. Add 1 tea spoon salt and pepper each and drizzle half a lime and then mix.

To assemble:

Heat the chapati / Indian flat bread on a pan. Once heated through, set on plate and add one burger to it. Slice the burger into strips, add the veggies and then follow up with the guacamole.

If you would like it a bit spicy, add a tea spoon chili sauce like me before you add the burger. My husband HATES tomatoes, so I haven’t added them. But then they make it watery, so I don’t miss them here. It’s so flavoured and rich but light anyway.

It’s amazing and Hubby wants it again next weekend!


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