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Element of Surprise – Colourpop!

You know what CP reminds me of? MAC!! They are cool, innovative and they keep dishing out collections after collections- like whose gonna collect everything?!!!

I have been loving their Yes, Please palette though- so I found myself slighty excited when the Element of Surprise palette was released. That being said, there was no surprise involved that it was limited edition.

I liked this cover art but it isn’t my favourite. Same build as the Yes, Please. No mirror, 12 pans of eyeshadow.

The colours are not all warm, and thats a welcome from all the oranges and reds around. It is more pink and taupish. If you cannot find the heart to buy Huda’s Desert Dusk- just get this.

Pigmentation wise- so far so good. I do like using the glitter/shimmer shades with my finger and patting them on. Otherwise use a wet brush for getting that wet look. On a primer is better for longevity especially if you have oily lids.

Overall, thus far it is a nice one. Has neutrals to get a look and then has that pop of colour that surprisingly goes well with all the looks that one can come up with.

Definitely need to try it out more!


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