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Everyone knows Mary Loumanizer!

The Balm is such a old school brand. And it is the first high end brand I made my makeup purchase from, so it is close to my heart.

One of the things I still think is magical is the Manizer Sister highlighters; specifically Mary Lou-Manizer!!

Cute yet sturdy packaging aside, you get quite a bit of product. There is a mirror inside for on the go application.

The powder highlighter is a light champagne without any flecks of glitter. It is slightly warm but overall mostly neutral and many skin tones can wear it without it being dark / ashy. Also, it can be used as a eyeshadow and blush topper.

The texture, since it is without any visible glitter particles, imparts a beautiful sheen on the skin. It blends smoothly and seamlessly to give the most subtle highlight which can be built to really intense.

If you are starting off with makeup, or have it in your collection and don’t use it, it would be a good time to get one and fall back in love with it.

Truly is a beautiful product and everything about it is perfect!


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