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Eye-ing a Little INGLOT!

Inglot is a brand that is quite overlooked and yet I would see people sing its praises when they use their products. Last year, I bought their shadows and palette, and today I wanted to give them a shoutout because they be damn good!!!

This is their palette system- fair warning- once a shadow goes in, it’s quite hard to get it out! I bought some random shades and started to fill mine, and I still have almost halfway more to go.

They are amazing! From matte to shimmer and across the board, they are really good and for the half the price of a MAC single- it’s a bargain.

I have used them without primer and the shimmer shades last throughout the day with minimal creasing and fading. Matte shades blend well, are seldom patchy and have a noce pigment to them. With a primer, they are even better. My favourite brush to use with these are the Wayne Goss 06 and 04. And that is saying something considering even my eyelids are oily! The amount of product you get is also quite generous.

I think the brand needs more recognition; and I need to try more of their products!


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