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Guerlain L’Or Primer – The L’ord of Primers

I typically don’t wear jewellery – well, except the ring “Le Beau” gave me and everytime I don’t wear it, I get the *stinky eye*. But there is one gold thang I have been slapping on my face like nothing – The Guerlain L’or Primer with flecks of real gold in it.l'or1

To be honest, I would see it at Sephora and then walk by because it was so pretty, but so obnoxiously priced! It is 390.00 AED which made me choke a lot. But after seeing the Guerlain brand reviews – especially by Jodie and Tati –  I was actually willing to stay at the Guerlain counter longer at the airport while travelling, and lo behold – it was only 260.00 AED there and I bought it. (Duty Free Strikes Again!!!)

I got it in the new packaging, but I actually wanted the old one (the prodcut quantity is the same, they revamped the packaging) because it looked more fancy.

Its basically a clear gel with real gold particles shimmering through. Once on the skin, they do sort of melt away, but occasionally I have one or two stick on my face. It, for me, resembles a light moisturizer because it sinks in very fast and does not feel siliconey ( I always break out with silicon based primers, except MUFE ones). It balances my skin to where I am not as oily as I usually would be, but then my face is plump and fresh.l'or3.JPG

It does have a scent – the Parma Violet that is signature of Guerlain products – so you might want to have a whiff first. I like it and ejoy it on my face, though it doesn’t last long . I apply 1 – 2 pumps with either my fingers or with the Sephora No. 56 brush occasionally mixed with the Becca Moonstone Liquid Skin Perfector. It gives me the glow, without the slick.

It hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling fresh. I have not seen the firming that Tati spoke of – but I have felt a bit of tightness after using it. I just wear it alone most days. The Sephora reps did tell me that it was basically skincare and could be worn everyday, and so I have. I do not notice my makeup lasting longer or lesser with this. It also does not exacerbate my acne in case I have a breakout flaring at that moment.

If you have sensitive, oily skin and need a little plumping and hydration, I would recommend this. It is good for all skin types, truthfully, and is on my forever repurchased products list from Guerlain . Just go and buy it wherever there’s a sale, though, would be my suggestion.


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